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Wedding Stationery You Really Don’t Need

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016

Wedding Stationery You Really Don’t Need

It can be really confusing to decide what wedding stationery you need. Most people forget that there is a much bigger list than just the save the dates and the invitations. There are menu cards, wedding programmes, place cards, menu cards and all other manner of stationery options to keep your stationer busy on the run up to the best day of your life. The thing is, there are an awful lot of options here and there are only really three pieces of wedding stationery you actually need.

Save the dates are usually sent six to nine months before your big day and it gives your guests the first peek at your plans, allowing them to see what 17sort of wedding you’re hoping to have. The thing is if you are marrying close to home you don’t actually need to send out save the dates. Those who live near you don’t really need a save the date as those tend to be common for those who need a lot longer notice for planning purposes. They’re used mainly for destination weddings or if you’re getting married during a busy period. It’s increasingly popular to get married on a week day now as wedding packages are cheaper so in these instances a save the date would be necessary because people need ample notice for time off work.

Your wedding invitations are obviously a really important part of the day and you can buy any design you like from stationers like cardsbysophie.com and you are able to make choices that are best for your day. Where wedding invitations are important, wedding programmes are not. Small or brief ceremonies don’t require a comprehensive programme of the day that lets people know a step by step breakdown of the day and the activities that will be happening throughout. However, if you have a larger scale wedding you will need to be open to the idea that guests may want that run down. It’s a very individual decision based on both taste and how the day should go. Escort cards aren’t usually heard of by most but are an absolute essential. When your guests arrive at the wedding venue and you’re having a sit down meal, they will need to know where they are going to be seated. These escort cards are there for that purpose. Even for a small wedding it’s a good idea to pick these up and have a seating arrangement – otherwise the grandparents can be relegated to the back of the ceremony!

Place cards won’t really be necessary if you are offering escort cards; you would be double printing and costing yourself more money doing this. Menu cards are another stationers dream and brides’ nightmare cost. Whether you have a buffet or a dinner with many courses your menu cards can give the guests a good idea of what will be served up to them. Buffets don’t really need menu cards as you can clearly see what’s on offer for your guests. However if you have a seated menu sometimes knowing what’s coming can help the picky eaters out there!

Ultimately only you can really decide what stationery you see as fit for your wedding day so you have to make the right decisions and not baulk just because there are articles on the internet telling you what you may not need. What you need for your wedding day will be suited for you so go out and do what you think will make your day sparkle.