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What You Need to Know About

Posted by on Oct 13, 2017

What You Need to Know About

You’ve probably heard about how amazing glass partitions are whether you want them in your home or your office. However, it is every buyer’s responsibility to know first beforehand what they are going to buy. Most people these days buy the product solely from the idea that it is popular, not from the facts provided as to why they are popular in the first place. If you have no idea what a glass partition is, visit first barrettsgroup.net and come back here to learn more about it.

Once you are done with browsing the glass partitions from barrettsgroup.net , here are a couple of facts that describes the glass partitions.

Energy Savings

If you are paying almost all of your money just to keep the lights burning all throughout the day, you will want to consider getting the glass partitions. One fact about glass partitions that makes it a very popular choice is that it is capable of letting natural light amplify into the space it is enclosed with, thus reducing the need for artificial lights to be running all day. A couple of artificial lights is all it needs, if the edges are made of solid walls. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that it can save you a lot of money from paying the bills, and even save the environment from reducing your carbon footprint. These partitions can also be arranged in a way that it promotes air flow, thus aiding the HVAC system to run more efficiently. Again, this is added savings.


It may not have crossed your mind, because the glass partitions you’ve known is the clear one. The only kind of ‘privacy’ that the glass partition you know and think of is that it reduces the noise that comes in and out of the enclosed space. When you take out the opaque fixed walls, you are inviting more natural light to pass through. You did gain savings from the natural lights passing through wall after wall of glass partitions, but you also lose privacy. This is where you need to think carefully which spaces in your home or office must use the glass partitions and the ones that must use the enclosed, solid walls. If you have been to offices recently, you’ll notice that the spaces that use glass partitions are those conducted for meetings. This way, your meetings are kept “sound proof” – no sound will come in or out of the enclosed space.


Although this is not much of a concern these days as modern offices are equipped with glass partitions, there are some people that are used to working in office spaces separated with solid walls. The danger here is that they might go through the glass without knowing it. Most glass partitions sold at barrettsgroup.net are tempered, so it reduces the injuries in the event that it breaks, but offices that want to implement glass partitions must debrief their employees of areas that are made with glass partitions.