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Why Use Queue Posts?

Posted by on May 4, 2017

Why Use Queue Posts?

Whenever you hear the words queue posts, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are an avid internet user, you’d probably think about the posts you have posted in your social media account. But taking out the posts associated with the internet, and you will probably get blank looks. To save you from wasting time trying to think what this queue post is all about, take a look at the ones displayed at cokerexpo.co.uk.

The ones you see on the website are mostly referred to as rope posts. The reason why they are also referred to as queue posts is because they are used to control the crowds from getting disorganized. You’ve already seen these handy tools in various places, whether these are the theaters, public holiday events or queuing in line in order to get your order of hotdog sandwich. There are various designs of queue posts which are catered to different kind of events. These are offered this way so that it can be suited to any kind of event or situation they are going to use it for.

Take, for example, shopping malls – the ones that are widely used are the belt posts, wherein the posts’ belt can be controlled according to the length desired. It is the perfect type of post that can be used in any given space since the length of the belt can be adjusted. What’s more, you only need to transport the posts since the belts are secured inside the posts. This is different from the ones that are used commonly before, like the traditional rope posts. However, the latter is still in use today, despite the popularity of the belt posts. The rope posts are just like its name – they are connected by ropes, which is usually made out of velvet fabric. They are best used in those with splendid interiors, which is why you see a lot of this type at banks, amusement venues, hotels, galleries, museums, and much more. Unlike the belt posts that has a flat top finish, this one’s got a ball-top finish and supplemented by the velvet ropes.

There are more designs that you will see with these rope posts as you go further in the cokerexpo.co.uk official site.

Aside from all these, there is another thing that these rope posts come along with. Although they are no longer that common today, the rope posts are usually situated near notice boards. If you have seen the rope posts in your city, you will surely notice that it is placed near walls that have posters on them, or at least where people are usually gathered. This is intentionally done so as to attract readers. However, it is not all the time that these notice boards are used together with the rope posts due to the area that the former is being placed onto.

Just keep in mind that the use of rope posts can be used in any kind of situation. There are no restrictions on it.